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Napoleon brand bar end motorcycle mirrors AP101 & AP104

Product details and FAQs for the AP101 & AP104 mirrors.

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I’m going to remove the mirror do you have any tips?

If after the bolt is loosened the rubber plug will not easily pull from the handler bar end it is best to remove the bolt altogether as pulling will just expand the bung and wedge it tighter. With the mirror out of the way the rubber bung will usually slip out. The retaining nut can then be pushed through with a length of wire or rubber tube.

What are the mirrors made of?

Zinc alloy die-cast body and stay with steel mirror housing.

Can the mirrors be fitted to other sizes/types of handlebar?

As standard the fitting suits bars with an ID of 18mm +/-1mm. If yours are larger it is possible to sleeve the end of the bar with a small length of tube glued into place. For smaller diameters it is possible to make up a tapped plug which can be fitted into the bar end.

Can the mirrors be folded out of the way for storage?

Yes the arm rotates through 360deg and when folded back out they will return accurately to the original adjustment.

Are the mirror handed or will they fit either handlebar?

They are not handed. The mirror can be fitted on either the left or right.

Are the mirrors convex?

Yes they are. In the words of Meatloaf “Objects in the rear view mirror will appear further away than they actually are”

What size of handlebar will they fit?

Handlebars with an internal diameter of 18mm. This means they will fit most British Bikes with standard 7/8″ handlebars.