Triumph: The eternally popular marque

Ask anyone, anywhere in the world to name a British motorcycle and I could almost guarantee they will say Triumph. For one reason or another it’s the brand that is probably closest to being what hoover is to the vacuum cleaner. At least as far as classic bikes go. I have even had people refer to my Square Four as “one of those Triumph Ariel’s”. As with all such transactions I nod and smile politely.

Anyway I digress. Over the years I owners of the Modern Triumph range have formed good solid part of our customer base for the Napoleon Bar End Mirror I suspect that the original fitment mirrors don’t do it for most people aesthetically speaking. Our bar end mirrors are an attractive and cost effective alternative.

Triumph Bonneville with Napoleon Bar End Mirror


Two’s…… a pair!

Not sure about the above title from a grammatical point of view, best ask Lynn Truss. Or not.

Our bar end mirrors are sold singly and fit either side since the stem swivels through a full 360 degrees. This not only provides the ultimate in adjustability but also allows for the mirrors to be folded neatly out of the way for parking or negotiating narrow gaps.  To order online visit our online shop. We use paypal to process our payments which allows you to use your credit card even without a paypal account. Orders are dispatched 1st class in the UK and free of additional shipping charges. Join the many thousands of classic and modern classic riders experiencing the unbeatable Napoleon bar end mirror and a vibration free rear view.