Wonderful motorcycle accessory from the 1960s is available again!

I’ve often wondered if Jim Redman really used this product? It’s difficult to imagine the turbo visor would have been effective and just as hard to think that anyone would have bought one. However we were recently amazed to find that it is once more available from Demon Tweeks.


I own a sizeable collection of old motorcycle magazines donated to me by my father. We have spent the odd enjoyable evening together leafing through their musty smelling pages. With several years worth of issues lain out one can clearly see the same old articles recycled as the seasons pass. Those on “Preparing your bike for the winter” are a favourite. These days that would probably just constitute giving it a good polish and locking it in the garage until late spring. However in the sixties a motorcycle often provided everyday transport…..

For the working man riding in all weathers in the UK invariably meant dealing with rain and perhaps Cleaver-Hume International offered a solution? Adverts for the Turbo visor weren’t prolific with it appearing only once or twice before vanishing and this suggests to me that the product may not have been a success.

Perhaps with it once more available I should buy one. Christmas isn’t far away and I’m sure it would put a smile on my Dad’s face. Perhaps it really works, that would wipe the smirk off mine.